Tunisia here we come..

tomorrow my girlfriend and me are going to Tunisia, to a city called Hammamet on a relaxing holiday. My girlfriend is 24 weeks ahead in her pregnancy, and i have a sprained ankle, so we will most likely just camp at the pool bar for 7 days and take a few swims in the pool! And thats sadly enough the closest i will get to diving on that trip :(

We will be staying at Hammamet Regency hotel, which is a family owned hotel, with supposedly great service :) Theres indoor as well as outdoor pools, piano bar, restaurant and off course direct access to the beach in Hammamet :)

Also, this week i started on my new job. I should have taken that step years ago, as I’m very happy with my new employer and all my colleagues are very kind and nice people as well. What more can you ask for? :)