A small update

A little summarization from the past days;

I got some new hardware form my stationary PC, and added some more HD space to my server. I still need to get myself a new and insane graphics card for my stationary, but that will have to wait for now.

I finally got around to updating word press, which is the foundation of my homepage/blog here. Its now version 2.3, but it appears to have lots of bugs, so i will update to a 2.3.x something beta shortly i think, because some of the bugs sound a bit serious :)

I started taking my drivers license ( at age 29, i would say its about time :)) however, i will stick with the theory until i can walk again. I’m currently still immobilized because of that damn ankle damage. Perhaps i should check with my doctor, after all, its been 4 weeks since it happened.

I’m still in a learning phase at my new job, but i really like it. I think the job suits me nothing less than perfect, so I’m very glad i took the change :)

On a side note, theres now only 3 months left till our baby is due ;)