HTC Touch Diamond

Yes, im getting one. I’m totally mad about it, and i don’t even have it yet.

Its nicknamed “iPhone killer” i don’t know if its true, but the few pros/cons im aware of are:

Diamond can send & receive MMS, iPhone can not. Diamond can be used to view Java & Flash in the browser, iPhone can not. Diamond can dial in via VPN to a company’s network, iPhone can not. Diamond uses windows mobile 6.1, iPhone uses MacOS .. that’s a good thing for a guy like me, who’s got hes own exchange server etc. And, even if iPhone can do some of these things, its probably gonna be with 3rd party applications =/

Anyways, its on its way to me, and once i get it, i will try to make a tiny “review” of it :) Till then, enjoy this presentation video of the HTC Touch Diamond!

Edited August 23rd 2011, video link removed as its a 404.

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