Were off for a hectic start

in 2009 it would seem. Like i wrote in the previous post, we sold our apartment in Risskov. And were preparing to move to a house. The thing is though, the house is around 70 km away.

So just as were moving house, were moving our daughter from one daycare center to another as well. That will most likely be a tough move for her, but its for her good in the long run anyways. It will be such much better in time when she starts wanting to run around, we will actually have our own garden instead of a concrete balcony.

During the past week i also changed my hosting setup a bit, i used to host my blog, and every other web page i host, on my own server here @home on my DSL. But as were about to move, and i have no clue how long i will be offline, i decided to “outsource” all my hosting, and searching for a web host i found this absolute pearl called Gigahost.dk great concept that suits my needs perfectly.

As for my mail server, which is the same physical server, its not so movable as a hosted exchange server costs a freaking fortune. So i might end up either temporary using the mail ability on the gigahost solution, or accept a friends offer to have my server put on a fiber connection for the time being. I haven’t decided on that yet.