A small update

A little summarization from the past days;

I got some new hardware form my stationary PC, and added some more HD space to my server. I still need to get myself a new and insane graphics card for my stationary, but that will have to wait for now.

I finally got around to updating word press, which is the foundation of my homepage/blog here. Its now version 2.3, but it appears to have lots of bugs, so i will update to a 2.3.x something beta shortly i think, because some of the bugs sound a bit serious :)

I started taking my drivers license ( at age 29, i would say its about time :)) however, i will stick with the theory until i can walk again. I’m currently still immobilized because of that damn ankle damage. Perhaps i should check with my doctor, after all, its been 4 weeks since it happened.

I’m still in a learning phase at my new job, but i really like it. I think the job suits me nothing less than perfect, so I’m very glad i took the change :)

On a side note, theres now only 3 months left till our baby is due ;)

New server!

For a long time i have been annoyed by the fact that i had several servers running at home, thats going to end now!

A friend sold me a E6600 processor for a nice price, and after buying a low end ASrock motherboard and a CM Stacker chassis, I’m now building a new server to replace my old web server, my exchange server, and my FTP server. Also, considering the CPU power of the E6600 I’m most likely going to my my TV Tuner card from my main PC to the server as well. Thats in the future though :)

Heres a few pictures from the installation :)

HD-DVD Processingkey


You might wonder what excatly that means, well, what the topic says.

Actually, as far as i understand, its the HEX code that breaks the current encryption on HD-DVD discs.

Theres several articles and posts on the internet already about this. And every time it appears somewhere, someone starts to threaten to sue people for posting it. Solely based on that I’m posting it as well, its a simple matter of freedom of speech.

One of the online blogs where it has been censored away, can be found here.

AACS, who are the ones behind the encryption system even tried to make google remove all references to sites of bloggers who posted the key, i wonder if they will make google remove that somewhat 1.9 million hits it has on that key ;)

Read the letter ACCS sent goggle, by clicking here.

2d sidescroller aint all dead!

In a nostalgic search for some old school screen shots, i was looking for some R-Type screen shots, i stumble across this new 2d side scroller, due to be released spring 2007! It actually looks like something i think i just might have to won :)

See the video of it here.

The game looks to have the kind of game play that suits me :)

The games website can be found by clicking here.

New blog design

As you can see, my blog or homepage or whatever you call it, has a new design. I got sick of the old on,e and as a natural consequence it stopped working when i upgraded the engine its running on.

Anyways, i found this theme, and i like it, so I’m gonna use this for a while i think. The only thing i don’t like, is the Macintosh look-a-like button icons on the menu bars. Once i get time, i will change that i guess :)

Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS

I got my self one :)

No particular reason to why though, since i already had a nice and fully working Sound blaster Audigy 2 ZS. I think the main reason was the fact that the X-Fi had the 64 MB RAM on it, which among other things, allows it to free the CPU of some processing, plus i heard “rumors” about how inferior it was compared to the Audigy 2.

So, is it actually worth the money?

Well, if you asked me the day i got it, or even sometime the same evening, i would have said no, simply because of the hassle i had installing it. Its simply because the way Microsoft and creative choose things to be.

See, in the old days you had to manually assign a IRQ to a piece of hardware in your ISA/PCI ports but windows has taken over for this ow, which is a good thing, but Creative does not share Microsoft’s idea on how they can share IRQs.

Anyways what happened was that Windows Vista, which i use, wouldn’t “let go” of the Soundblaster Audigy 2 drivers, and when i finally manged to get it to forget them something was corrupted in the core somehow in vista so that it wouldn’t allow me to install the X-Fi drivers OR install the Audigy drivers!

This resulted in me having to reinstall Windows Vista. After which it worked like nothing ever happened. I installed the driver i got from creative.com and i got the full effect of the sound. I was like .. OMG is this possible ? i actually made a difference, i heard details in game i did not hear before ( Company Of Heroes in this case ) well, just everything was awesome. So now I’m thrilled about it :)

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