My work sucks :(

thats why i have chosen to write this on my blog :) (Until they get a lawyer to ask me to remove it). The incident, begins back in .. i think .. august 2005 .. on a medium warm autumn day .. when we decided to make some nice changes to the company’s external website, for our customers to be able to navigate it easily, and find the information they need as fast and painless as possible.

So i was chosen to do a job, along side one of my colleagues, and we agreed on what was to be made. We were suppose to make screen shots with descriptions to all of our products, that could be used to make step by step guides to the new web page, for our customers to use. All in all, a small part, of a big plan, to make much more happen through our website, instead of through incoming phone calls. And we did, we agreed on a fixed price for this task. A price that was much lower than they could ever get any professionals to do it for. I would say, we undercut professionals offer by at least 50%. Plus we accepted some pretty crazy deadlines ( once i received a deadline Friday afternoon, which was till Monday morning ! I worked all the night between Sunday and Monday, and stayed at work, no sleep, and did my normal workday from 0800 – 1600 hours after that.)

This considering, we have meet every single deadline which we have been presented with. And my work haven’t been able to meet ONE deadline, which was payday. My colleague, and me have been waiting for our rightfully earned money for 6 months and 3 days. For a job we finished within 1 month (we had 4 separate deadlines fro projects). Anyways, this is just to make people, and especially colleagues aware, of the fact that verbal agreements, apparently are not as binding in the company i work in, as they are elsewhere.

I would like to note, that quite drastic measures had to be used to finally get our money. I for one actually told my superior, that if he wouldn’t present me with the money before 1st June 2006 (i told him this around noon 9th may) then he would receive my resignation. And after that i went to talk to our representative in the labor union. Which spoke to some other labor union people. And they called in my two superiors for a little meeting, stating that the verbal agreement was EXACTLY as binding as a written one. Two hours later, i have a confirmation, that i will receive my money, along with my normal paycheck 1st june!

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