Even more Hardware :D

So, i bought some more hardware, nothing i could not live without, but things that i just wanted :D

So, what did i buy ? Well, i bought a new Harddrive for my server, it was a 500 GB WD Raid Edition drive, RAID edition, because they are meant to run 24/7 like my FTP does :) I Also felt like i had to have a TV Card, i have been wanting one of thoose for a long time, but now i finally have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1300MCE, and its worth every cent :)

Despite the fact i just bought a used Logitech diNovo desktop set from a coworker, i decided to buy the new Logitech diNovo Edge, and that is a best buy as well, its a fantastic keyboard :) To go with it, i decided to finally get rid of my Logitech MX510 so i bought a Logitech G5 Laser mouse as well :) And since u need a proper mouse pad i bought a fUNC surface1030 Soft mouse pad as well.

While i was in this spend money mode, i also replaced my old no name DVD Drive in my computer, with a Pioneer DVR-112D CD/DVD Burner/Reader, it burns even dual layers, and i cost almost nothing :)

So … all i need is a printer, and i am set. Thats why i just ordered Canon PIXMA iP2500 printer :D