Samsung 37″ installed!

Damn .. that took longer than expected!

Anyways, i got the screen last night, but was on the way out the door to visit some friends, so i just received the package, and today as i got home from work i unwrapped it, to mount it with the wall mount i bought as well.

It was quite unhandy since i was basically doing it alone, and the fear of bumping into something while juggling with the 37″ while removing screws from the foot it came mounted with, made it take a bit longer than needed.

However, as I got the holes drilled ( in our insanely fortified concrete wall! ), it was cake really, theres not much room to get my hands behind the screen, but since thats not somewhere you want to be all the time, plus the fact i prefer it as close to the wall as possible, thats just fine :)

As i assumed i was done, and had the screen positioned just as i wanted to, my girlfriend decided to look away from the old 28″ CRT TV she was watching reality crap on, and comment on the positioning. And could i have placed it correctly at all? I don’t think so, she told me it was 15 centimeters too high, so i had to pull down the whole damn thing, and put it back up after drilling more holes and cursing and swearing even more =/

But NOW its perfectly fitted :) Now i just need to get some proper lengthen antenna cable, and some cable trays so it can look nice and tidy :)

Below are some pictures from the installation!