Advanced Open Water 2/5

Woops, almost forgot i had a blog :D

Anyways, I’m currently 2/5 done with my Advanced Open Water Divers certification, and I’m good to go to both Egypt on a diving vacation with 3 male friends, and later in September a week in Norway to go spearfishing with :D

Part 1 & 2 of the AWOD course was a Underwater Navigation dive, and a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive. I should probably have had a scuba review before i plunged in on the first dive, since the last time i dove was in February in Thailand :) It worked out well though.

Currently I’m waiting for my underwater lamp to be delivered form Germany, i have ordered a 50Watt HID lamp alongside a 12V 13aH battery from In short, a big freaking insane light that will glow for approximately 2 hours 45 minutes on a fully charged battery. It should serve me well, both underwater hunting, and SCUBA diving as well :) I just hope to get it before Friday ( 17th ) as I’m going on my first SCUBA night dive :)