Diving ..

My diving equipment collection is as good as complete :) Equipment for free-diving that is anyways.

Like i wrote earlier , I’m going to Egypt in September to dive with some friends for a week in the Red Sea, near Mashra Alam, we will be staying at Mashra Shagra. So i felt it was time to get my own divers gear. I bought the gear i did because i wanted to have partial gear for SCUBA diving, and at the same time have all the gear needed for free-diving in danish waters during the danish summer.

I’m basically just waiting for a good friend of mine to finish his exams, and then presume we shall start doing some free diving with spear guns :D I almost cannot wait, but i told my self, that the first few times I’m gonna dive with a buddy, although it could easily be done alone. For starters i presume ill be spending quite some time learning to hold my breath. I need that to obtain some descent bottom times, so that i can actually shoot something :D

As for the SCUBA diving, I’m considering to join up with Quatre Force diving in Aarhus, they have dive evenings every Wednesday. So that you can keep up the routines. I’m pretty sure ill have a bunch of those dives in my logbook soon =) I’m gonna chill till i get the Advanced OWD certificate first though. I’m working overtime on work as much as i can, just for the cash, which are always welcome =)