Advanced Open Water 5/5

I’m now prepared to go diving in Egypt :)

Friday, i did a Night dive, unfortunately without my newly ordered trebel-light lamp, since the store don’t have it yet.

Today i did a deepdive and a drift dive in LillebŠlt. That was dive 4 & 5 of the needed 5 specialty dives needed to be certified as a Advanced Open Water Diver. On the drift dive there was a strong current, and at first it felt like a roller coaster ride, but after a few minutes, you relax a bit more and can enjoy it :) Below 10 meters, the visibility was nothing less than excellent.

So now i have the Advanced Open Water Divers certification, next up is the Rescue Diver course, but I’m not gonna start on that till later this year i think. Plan is to end up being a Master Scuba Diver.