Holy christ

.. but, seriously, so much new stuff happening in my life, that its almost too much :)

Well, first of all, getting used to being a dad is something. Requires lots of time, and lots of sleep you don’t get :) But in the end worth it off course.

I started making an effort to loose some weight and get into a better shape, so I’m swimming 3 times a week combined with running two times a week is the way i do it for now. Its hard like hell, since my body was actually getting way to used to doing nothing since the sprained ankle back in September. Plus off course eating a bit more healthy that i used to, meaning less gravy and more vegetables etc.

I really need to get in shape, as i plan to start diving again. And thats SCUBA as well as free diving. And for that i need to be in at least a descent shape =)

Monday 11th February, my first two weeks of fraternity leave ends. And i will be going back to work again, which i actually look forward to again =)

Ohhh, and here is a picture of a tired, BUT proud dad :)

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