The end of 2008 is near

and so is the time left in this apartment. We sold it 30th December 2008 without a real estate agent. Hopefully the first months in 2009 will allow us to buy a house.

For now im off to Randers to spend new years eve with a pair of good friends and our beloved kids. And perhaps a case of beer =)

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all =)

Another trout gets the speargun!

The night between tuesday and wedensday i once again ventured into the dark waters of Denmark, armed my Excalibur 2000 spear gun & my Treble-Light underwater lamp, whist wearing a nice 6.5 mm wetsuit made for freediving in cold water and pair of long fins plus excessive amounts of lead to keep me under water!
I got another fine brown trout a little larger than the two previous ones i killed.

My dive buddy got 4 trouts! One of them weighing a stunning 3.66 kg and it was 67 centimeters long, sorry for the bad picture, its taken with my Mobile phone with only my cars headlights on as light.

First Brown Trout, two actually!

Last night, on a very late night dive with a buddy, i shot my first two brown trouts. Fantastic feeling, and a very nice and tasty fish. We saw several more of them, but after killing two, and my buddy three, we decided that we would only kill more if we found any real big ones.

Anyways, heres a picture of the two nice trouts :)

Sensation White 2008

After missing out on DJ TiŽsto last year in Copenhagen due to a small accident. I was thrilled to discover that Sensation White will be coming to Denmark as well. So i off course ordered my ticket already, going with some old school friends of mine, and i just can fucking wait :D

All i need to be ready is my white jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, sunglasses and boxers! One has to fit in with the dress-code :)

Turning 30..

topic says it all, im turning 30. I cannot run or hide from it, so i might as well face the music :)

So, on my 30th birthday i will be attending some serious hangovers from Haze festival in Denmark with a good friend.

The good thing is, i get to be celebrated on Thursday already, since that is fathers day! And its my first fathers day, which, to me, makes it pretty special.

Till i decide I’m gonna write here again, have fun! I know i will!

Diving video from Mashra Alam

Back in september 2007, i went to Egypt with three friends to dive. As we were there, we meet two other danes, who was there diving as well.

Anyways, long story short ( since i wrote about this earliere ) i recently re-discovered the website of thoose two other danes. And they made a video frmo their dives in Egypt. I thought id like to share the video with whomever reads my blog :)

Find the Mashra Alam video on this page

So, here is the video made by Tommy, whos website you can find here.

I really need to get in touch with them shortly, as i promised them a demonstrstion of my treble-light.

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