Norway was nice and painful!

So, i took off for Norway last Saturday, 22nd September, and came back from Norway 29th September. It was my first time in Norway, but certainly not the last, although i hope I don’t trip over my own feet causing a sprained ankle, mother of god that hurts. I tripped over my own feet as we were heading to the water on the second day, and thats how my diving trip to Norway came to an end :(

There was only one thing to do, so i was driven back to our huts, and according to the RICE method, i was treated :) So i had 4 days of bed rest with a elevated foot, where i watched all the movie we had brought along, plus i played Lemmings on a friends PSP :)

What a day :)

Today is my last day at work in TDC, it is also the last day in Denmark before i head off to Egypt, to dive with a bunch of friends and try out my new dive lamp :)

Going by train from Aarhus to Copenhagen today, and tomorrow we fly from Copenhagen Airport to Sham el Sheik in Egypt, to fly further on to Luxor ( also in Egypt ). There we have to spend the night as we miss the last military convoy with 15 minutes :( Then we have a 250 kilometer drive through the desert until we reach Marsa Alam Ecolodges.

One week of diving later, we will head the same way back home to Denmark :)

I wonder if i get to make up some names for my girl ;)

New server!

For a long time i have been annoyed by the fact that i had several servers running at home, thats going to end now!

A friend sold me a E6600 processor for a nice price, and after buying a low end ASrock motherboard and a CM Stacker chassis, I’m now building a new server to replace my old web server, my exchange server, and my FTP server. Also, considering the CPU power of the E6600 I’m most likely going to my my TV Tuner card from my main PC to the server as well. Thats in the future though :)

Heres a few pictures from the installation :)

Advanced Open Water 5/5

I’m now prepared to go diving in Egypt :)

Friday, i did a Night dive, unfortunately without my newly ordered trebel-light lamp, since the store don’t have it yet.

Today i did a deepdive and a drift dive in Lillebælt. That was dive 4 & 5 of the needed 5 specialty dives needed to be certified as a Advanced Open Water Diver. On the drift dive there was a strong current, and at first it felt like a roller coaster ride, but after a few minutes, you relax a bit more and can enjoy it :) Below 10 meters, the visibility was nothing less than excellent.

So now i have the Advanced Open Water Divers certification, next up is the Rescue Diver course, but I’m not gonna start on that till later this year i think. Plan is to end up being a Master Scuba Diver.

Advanced Open Water 2/5

Woops, almost forgot i had a blog :D

Anyways, I’m currently 2/5 done with my Advanced Open Water Divers certification, and I’m good to go to both Egypt on a diving vacation with 3 male friends, and later in September a week in Norway to go spearfishing with :D

Part 1 & 2 of the AWOD course was a Underwater Navigation dive, and a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive. I should probably have had a scuba review before i plunged in on the first dive, since the last time i dove was in February in Thailand :) It worked out well though.

Currently I’m waiting for my underwater lamp to be delivered form Germany, i have ordered a 50Watt HID lamp alongside a 12V 13aH battery from In short, a big freaking insane light that will glow for approximately 2 hours 45 minutes on a fully charged battery. It should serve me well, both underwater hunting, and SCUBA diving as well :) I just hope to get it before Friday ( 17th ) as I’m going on my first SCUBA night dive :)

Suunto D6

I have for some time, ever since the plan about going to Egypt to dive, been wondering which dive computer i would buy, if any at all. The a day, when i was talking to my friend Jesper, he mentioned the Suunto Mosquito dive watch, as a nice watch that could be used for free diving as well as SCUBA. I check it out, and called a few resellers in Denmark for a price. It was not a bad alternative, since i had considered buying a Uwatec Aladin PRIME. So now suddenly with the Mosquito, i could get a dive computer with a integrated watch :D

After a little consideration, i looked around on, and i stumbled across the Suunto D6. Actually, i started looking at the D9 since i read about that wonderful piece of equipment from AIDA (Free Divers association) and that they used it as a official instrument of measuring depths when breaking world records etc. So i knew i was looking at some high quality equipment. And meanwhile its still usable on a daily basis as a regular watch! After being told the price tag on the D9, and knowing the difference between the D9 & the D6, i decided to go for the D6. So I’m now the happy owner of a Suunto D6 watch :D

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