Little update !

OMG, i just realized i haven’t been updating my blog for 14 days!

Nothing much happened the past 14 days anyways, so you hardly missed anything. I’m keeping up with the swimming, getting it done a minimum of 3 times pr. week and riding the bike to and from work on those days preferably. Thats apparently a bit more attainable in the long run, as opposed to do it 5 days a week. Perhaps it was a unrealistic goal .. hehe, but i will get in shape, no matter what

Been working overtime as well, for the extra cash. Also, I’m going on yet another diving trip after i come home from Egypt 14th September. around 21st September I’m going with 5 guys to Norway to free dive and hunt underwater with spear guns :D Thats gonna be fun for sure :)

Till next blog update, stay cheerful!

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