Suunto D6

I have for some time, ever since the plan about going to Egypt to dive, been wondering which dive computer i would buy, if any at all. The a day, when i was talking to my friend Jesper, he mentioned the Suunto Mosquito dive watch, as a nice watch that could be used for free diving as well as SCUBA. I check it out, and called a few resellers in Denmark for a price. It was not a bad alternative, since i had considered buying a Uwatec Aladin PRIME. So now suddenly with the Mosquito, i could get a dive computer with a integrated watch :D

After a little consideration, i looked around on, and i stumbled across the Suunto D6. Actually, i started looking at the D9 since i read about that wonderful piece of equipment from AIDA (Free Divers association) and that they used it as a official instrument of measuring depths when breaking world records etc. So i knew i was looking at some high quality equipment. And meanwhile its still usable on a daily basis as a regular watch! After being told the price tag on the D9, and knowing the difference between the D9 & the D6, i decided to go for the D6. So I’m now the happy owner of a Suunto D6 watch :D

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