Battlefield 3 Alpha Test

thx to a guy on a danish gamer forum, Im now partaking in the Battlefield 3 Alpha test. Its covered in a nice NDA wrapping, not allowing me to show screenshots or anything from within Battlefield 3 and/or Battlelog, which is the FPS equivilant of Need For Speeds Autolog. It lets you interconnect with you friends, launch the game, matchmaking, stats etc. via the browser.

The NDA can be found here, for thoose who care :)

There not much I can say, but i will say that my frist impression is that considering its an Alpha, its living up to everything i hoped. The “BF-Feel” is still there, i was afraid it would be CODified, but thankfully not. The whole browser intergration … well, I hope its just a Alpha test thing, I would prefer taht you were able to do both (the browser and from in-game).

The Alpha is pushing my rig, a bit .. CPU running around 70ish% and GFX around 90ish % as it is. Its not possible to change any gfx settings in the alpha, but it looks very cool, and runs fine in 1920×1080 on my 27″ monitor.