13 weeks ahead, and the child looks fine!


As a sequel to my “im gonna be a dad!” post, my girlfriend and I went to a scanning, where they with ultra sound check if the child appears to be fine. And everything looked fine. It had a nice nose bone, which 60% of the children born with down syndrome does not have at this stage. And the neck fold ( i don’t know the proper English word for it) looked fine as well, further reducing the risk of having a child with down syndrome.

We had a few pictures printed of the small one, and i took some photos of the scans with my digital camera, here they are for the world to see, the tiny, newcomer of super free divers!

Im gonna be a dad!

What an amazing thought to send through your brain :) I now know the exact feeling :) Tuesday 22nd may, my girlfriend took the test, to see whether or not she was pregnant, we have been trying semi-seriously since December 2006. The test showed two lines, which means shes pregnant. She went to our doctor Thursday 24th may and he confirmed it, and calculated her to be approximately 7 weeks ahead in the pregnancy, which should mean that sometime in January 2008, we will become parents :)

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